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Key Features

Find out how Draewil.Delivery features will set you apart from the competition.
Reduce driver staffing by 30% with our intelligent algorithm that assigns the best driver for the job.
Fleet Management
Build your own fleet, set your hours and areas of operation, add new drivers and more!
Peak-Demand Support
Supplement your driver needs with our highly trained in-house
Draewil.Delivery drivers.
3rd Party Fulfilment
Whether you have limited or no drivers, outsource your delivery needs to Draewil.Delivery’s fleet.
Customer Database
Store all your customers information in one place for quick and easy auto fill entry & search.
PACI Integration
Accurately geolocate your customers, to ensure their orders are on time, every time!
SMS Verification
Customized SMS to verify your customer information and address.
Issue Tracker
Follow up on orders that require your attention and resolve any hiccups with ease.
Reports & Analytics
Track your customers’ experience and monitor driver performance with real-time reporting.
Live Support
From on-the-ground issues to customer service, our team is here to support you.
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Draewil.Delivery Packages

Select the package that meets your specific business needs
  • Driver Fleet Management
  • Live Tracking Technology
  • Reports & Analytics
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3rd party
  • Option 1
    Draewil.Delivery Fleet Support
  • Option 2
    Draewil.Delivery To Manage All Deliveries
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Fleet software
  • Driver Fleet Management
  • Live Tracking Technology
  • Reports & Analytics
3rd party fulfilment
  • Draewil.Delivery Fleet Support
  • Draewil.Delivery To Manage All Deliveries
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Platform Capabilities

Get a full overview of your business with our easy-to-use all in one platform.
Tracking Dashboard
Customize your tracking dashboard and delivery tickets to display information most important to you. In this dashboard you will be able to have a birds-eye view of all deliveries at each stage.
Know the status of your full delivery fleet and follow the preformance of all your drivers in one easy-view platform.
Issue Tracker
Stay on top of any and all issues that may occur, ensuring fast resolution time and quality customer experience.
Reports & Analytics
Track and monitor your daily, weekly and monthly orders, driver performance and analytics with available reports.

Getting Started

With 3 simple steps, your business will finally have the logistical support it’s been looking for.
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